Ion talked about WoW retail. There are no servers,

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There isn't a thing as WoW. It's entirely a decision you choose to make which isn't a basic need. You might say entertainment is an essential need however, you could easily locate other types of WOW TBC Gold entertainment without having to invest in a small company. There is no way to get out of society.

While you may make excellent points however, you're actually arguing with the people around you. I've yet find the person who examines their own lives and declares "this house is spotless, my job is perfect, my car is perfect, my friends are all perfect, the price of everything I purchase is perfect," and so on. There is always a little imperfection in every aspect of life. It's completely normal to be critical of something and utilize it. It's only when something is hypocritical that it crosses the line into being trashy and unworthy of your attention. It's a sad state of affairs.

While I am laughing at times, I think pricing is flawed today because it takes into account the cost of production. Nestle's production of bottled drinking water is a prime example. Nestle is required to pay $500 per million litres of groundwater they pump out of Ontario. It's about 1/20th cents per litre, which typically fills 2 bottles.

Ion talked about WoW retail. There are no servers, but there is a massive server that allows players to play with anyone in the area you live in. It's pretty balanced overall, but Alliance is more skilled players than Horde.

It's not well-balanced for real-life players. It may be balanced in terms of the number of characters created, however it's impossible to confirm. You can log into the game to check M+ keys as well as pug raids. I've got max level characters from both factions. The skill level is also extremely different, but this is more difficult to gauge objectively and probably a result of all players who take seriously rerolling to horde.

There are some who support Blizzard because of this nonsense. They make weak arguments, such as "if people would like Horde then that's what it's going to go, so you're not able to hinder people from playing Horde" but in reality , it's highly possible.

Blizzard could allow faction change from Horde or Alliance at no cost, but they're not smart enough to permit it. "This wasn't a possibility in the initial TBC", is their response, while selling 6 months of game time that includes the option of a Mount or Pet that was not included in the original TBC, that completely breaks immersion since it's the only mount that has modern animation.

They don't because they can't get the rabbit back in their hat - it's a permanent alteration to cheap WOW Burning Crusade Classic Gold the game. They are also concerned that playing with others could result in the identity of the alliance/horde becoming irrelevant and that's a problem considering how much marketing it creates.


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