All our characters exist in Classic already

All our characters exist in Classic already.


All our characters exist in Classic already. They don't really want down time for people to go to TBC. The entire database will be copied prior to launch. If you select TBC, they will change the "active" portion of WOW TBC Classic Gold the TBC database to true and flip the "active" bit on the Classic database will be changed to false. Then you can be charged $35 to flip the Classic bit back.

Idk the reason, but for Asmongold specifically it's his livelihood. Even he has admitted that the company is not able to market his expertise. Other people I can understand in a way, especially in the case of buying these micro macro transactions. However, for a lot of us, even though we disagree with the direction ActiBlizz is taking, our desire to play TBC is greater.

Yes, I'm thinking that purchasing the boost is a bad precedent. I'm in agreement that it is best to avoid microtransactions. it is the case in retail. But, I'm not up-to-date on his opinions. I don't usually listen to him, nor any streamer, aside from there are times when I check YouTube.

There isn't a thing as WoW. Its wholly a choice you choose to make, and is not an essential need. Entertainment might be a basic necessity. But, you could get entertainment anywhere else and not have to cheap WOW TBC Gold support a scam company. There is no way to get out of society.


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