FIFA 21 Coins Guide | How to Upgrade Your FIFA Ultimate Team

FIFA 21 Coins Guide | How to Upgrade Your FIFA Ultimate Team

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Coins vs. Points
FIFA coins are the major money. You can obtain it in many ways: playing matches, completing goals, ranking, etc. FIFA coins are the currency utilized in the transfer market, thus you can use them to acquire players, and get more by selling them.

FIFA Points, however, is FIFA's alternative currency. The only way to get it is through the store with actual money. The only thing you can buy with FIFA Points is packs! Bronze packs, silver packs, gold and promotions! It's about it!

There are many disputes over whether people should spend RL money on FIFA Points. Some think it's not worth it, others argue. At the end of the day, all relies on how much money you spend and what packs you spend.

Why is FIFA 21 so important?
Ultimate Team mode is created around this coin. Use it to buy everything from contracts, kits, badges to managers, players, and packs. It's the game's most significant component... alongside your starting 11, that's.

Buy new players
This one goes without question—you'll need plenty of coins to buy out there the greatest FIFA 21 players. The crème de la crème (icons and TOTY cards) costs many million, so you'll have to grind a lot, solve plenty of SBCs, or hope to draw some nasties from weekly awards.

Playing online
Online drawings are fun. They're also a terrific method to snag promising packs, if you can win four in a row, that's. The admission price, though, is set at 15,000 so you'll need some of those in your FIFA 21 Ultimate Team career. Fortunately, the rewards are tradable, and winning at least three bouts will get you back on level footing.

Ahh... Squad Building Challenges is where fun is! Whether you're seeking for new gamers on the cheap, SBCs are the obvious way to go! They give so many distinctive cards and most of the time you'll have to invest some cash to finish those hard-to-slap squads.

Buy packs
Last but not least, you may spend FIFA coins to buy packs... however we do not suggest this. Sure, testing your luck once in a while is okay, but spending all your coins expecting to break won't get you far. In reality, we covered this topic closer to the end of this piece. Make sure you look!

Attend the Weekend League
The following is a well-known fact — FIFA 21's best prizes are Weekend League. You not only get fantastic packs, but you also get player picks and plenty of coins, depending on your ranking, of course. Even if you can't reach elite or a higher gold ranking, you'll still have a ton of rewards to look forward to next week.

Play squad fighting
I know, I know that... Squad battles boring AF! I can suffer through two or three matches once a week, but I just don't have the stomach to chase better prizes. But if you don't find Squad Battles dull, you might give them a go. They feature wonderful rewards, and can be a great method to enhance your coin and squad depth.

Complete Tradable Packs SBCs
If you have a ton of untradable players in your club, investing in squad-building tasks is a great approach to declutter. SBCs (squad-building challenges) in FIFA 21 offer excellent rewards. We're not only talking about packs, but also top gamers.

But, as we're all about making extra FIFA 21 coins here, the SBCs you should be interested in are those with tradable packs. This year, the list boils down to marquee matchups and timed-event SBCs—they are the only categories that still pay benefits for trade.


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